FCC EMI Testing

A crucial step when bringing a new product to market is EMI/EMC Testing. To test for performed EMI, spectrum analyzers, high-frequency clamp-on CTs, and sometimes power-line monitors and oscilloscopes are used. Proper training is required to set and operate these units accurately. The terms Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are mostly used interchangeably when citing the regulatory testing of consumer goods and electronic components. EMC testing can be classified into two categories; Immunity testing and emissions testing.

Immunity testing measures how a device will respond when uncovered to electromagnetic noise and other disturbances. The objective of these tests is to gain adequate satisfaction that the device will function as aimed at when used within its typical operating environment. While emissions testing measures the quantity of electromagnetic noise produced by a device during normal operation. The goal of these tests is to assure that any emissions from the device are below the applicable limits interpreted for that type of device. This gives surety that the device will not result in any harm to other devices when operated in the expected operating environment.

For FCC EMI testing you can count on compliance testing (CT). We offer clients the full testing services they want to account for certification success.

  • Personnel: Our EMC testing services are handled by a professional who is always available. They are professionals and to meet continuous changes they also receive continuous training. We work together and believe in building strong bonds. This enables high success.
  • Facilities: We have comprehensive test chambers where all the tests are conducted under EMC regulations and standards. Equipment: Our equipment is advanced and fully updated. Our labs are best equipped that support achieving results quicker. We carry more power-specialized equipment and FCC equipment authorization than any other lab.
  • Quality: We know the importance of quality standards and therefore our expertise and methods are highly regarded by assessors. Customers are our priority and we never compromise on quality.
  • Customer Focus: At compliance testing, we’re known for handling the toughest projects and applications. We know our job and how to get it done. Plus, we’ve more than 50/years of experience. We are accountable for our every word and aspect of the business. We based our relationship on our honesty. We are open, ethical, fair, and overall genuine. With this, we can gain the trust of our clients and employees.
  • Communication: Communication is key o success. For strong relationships, we build confident and comfortable partnerships. So we ensure strong communication wherever possible in a safe environment.

So if you are looking for a place for FCC testing where customers matter first, equipment is highly updated, the staff is trained adequately to reach compliance testing. We put all our power into delivering services our clients require and expect. You can depend on us for FCC authorization and to provide you with a complete spectrum of testing relative to your product and its certification needs.

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