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Searching for an electrician in Amsterdam for a good price? We are at your service with licensed and insured technicians to solve your electrical problems. Our professional electricians are skilled, thoughtful, safe and personal. We solve all electricity problems for you. So do not start working in the power box yourself, but have it solved by one of our specialized professionals. Amsterdam Elektricien is a recognized company and supplies reliable installers that you can count on for a great price.


Do you have a short circuit? Do you want to add a group in the meter cupboard? Or, for example, move a socket or light switch? Our electrician has years of experience in electrical engineering and is aware of the electrical installations in homes in Amsterdam. All our electricians can give excellent and professional advice about the possibilities and offer the best service for a good price. Do you need an electrician in Amsterdam? You can count on our electricians!

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We offer various services for an affordable price. From a small job to a complete new installation. For example, do you have a short circuit? Then you can call us on 97010286182. We offer the best price-quality ratio for our services. You can find an electrician in Amsterdam or the surrounding area in the Netherlands. We also have services amsterdam noord.



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Replace or Expand Powerbox

You can call in our experienced electricians for everything that has to do with your distribution box. The group box is one of the most important parts when it comes to your electrical installations. A fuse box must therefore be completely in order to be able to use your electricity safely. We therefore strongly recommend that you have an outdated group box renewed for your own safety. Our installer will be happy to perform this work for you.

Every building needs a custom-made group box. Adjusting the installation of group boxes requires technical knowledge. If necessary, we can prepare a tailor-made price offer. After approval, our electrician will carefully adjust or replace the group box in complete safety. You can count on us! For a price indication, call Amsterdam Elektricien: 97010286182.

Power Outage Amsterdam

We have a 24/7 breakdown service so that we are at your door urgently if, for example, you have a power failure. You can’t do much without power and we understand that, that’s why we have a 24/7 breakdown service. Our electricians are also available on weekends, public holidays and at night so that you do not have to be without electricity for long. Our electrician will come to you urgently and ensure that the malfunction is solved quickly and professionally. So do you need our experienced electrician urgently in Amsterdam or the surrounding area for a power outage? We are available 24/7! Our breakdown service for an electrician also applies on weekends and public holidays. And all this at an affordable price.


Our electricians will also provide you with advice to prevent a breakdown in the future. Because we continue to educate ourselves with the latest trends and developments, we can always provide professional and reliable advice. If you need an electrician, we can prepare a quote so that you have an idea of ​​the expected price. After an agreement, we will be happy to carry out the work for you. With our electrician, your electricity is in good hands! This way you no longer have to worry about a malfunction. So do you need an electrician? Call 97010286182. We are available 24/7. Contact us today

Install Outdoor Lighting

We specialize in installing and adjusting lighting. This applies to both outside and inside. Our electricians can also fix faults. We can install new lighting for you, entirely according to your wishes and situation. If there are not enough connection points available yet, we can expand the electricity for you by, for example, installing extra sockets. Also in the context of economy and good price-quality ratio!

Need new or extra lighting in your garden? Our electricians can help you with that too.

If necessary, an additional connection will be installed. Installing electricity in your garden offers many advantages and possibilities. Also for using all kinds of equipment in your garden. A small adjustment to the electricity in your garden, adding a connection or complete electrical installations, with our electricians you can be sure that it will be a success.

Install or Connect Electricity

Do you have a new house or office building where the electricity has yet to be installed? Then you have come to the right place at Electrician Amsterdam North Holland! We do both small jobs and very large jobs in the field of electricity. If new electricity needs to be installed, we will take a detailed look at the property. Our electricians ensure that everything meets the latest safety standards.

Do you have the idea that there is something wrong with your current electricity? Then it may need to be replaced. Our electricians in Amsterdam and the surrounding area can safely replace the current electricity for a new electrical installation. Whether it concerns installing or replacing sockets or installing a whole new network, our experienced electricians ensure quality and a safe environment for a fair price.

Old Buildings and New Constructions 

Many old buildings still have old wiring. This increases the risk of a short circuit and we therefore recommend that you replace it as soon as possible. Nowadays PVC pipes are used. These cannot conduct electricity, making the power and wiring much safer and more efficient. Our electricians have extensive experience in renovating old buildings so that a safe environment is created. They will always treat the environment with care and leave it tidy.

With new construction it is good to make an inventory of the situation. Together with you we will look at what the wishes are and we will ensure that this becomes a reality. We are aware of the latest developments and ensure that safety and durability are paramount when installing an electrical installation. Our electricians with many years of experience are ready for you. Would you like more information or a price quote? Call 97010286182.

Maintenance and Repair

To prevent a short circuit or malfunction, it is good to have your electricity checked regularly. We use various equipment every day. Our electricians can regularly check and maintain your electricity to prevent annoying malfunctions. We specialize in this!

A neglected power installation can be very dangerous. That is why it is good to have an electrician look at your installation on a regular basis. This experienced electrician has seen whether everything is in order or not. If there is something wrong, our electricians can also solve this for you in a professional way and solve any problems for the future. Regular maintenance ensures a safe environment. Our electricians are happy to help!

Private and Business Electricians

Our electricians are ready for everyone. Whether it concerns a home or a commercial property, we always provide the best tailor-made solution. We come by to make an inventory of the situation so that we can make a plan aimed at the specific location. We analyze the building and provide advice based on our experience and electrical knowledge. Individuals or companies, a personal approach is our priority! Our electrician with many years of experience will be happy to visit you to solve your electrical problems. For large and small jobs.

Looking for an Electrician? Call Us

A home or building without properly functioning electrical appliances is unimaginable these days. It is very important that power is applied correctly for your own safety. Many electrical work can only be performed by an electrician who possesses these skills. That is why you can rely on our experienced electricians. After all, they do this work on a daily basis and also possess the latest knowledge of techniques and installations. So are you looking for an electrician or do you have a short circuit? We like to help you! Located in North Holland Netherlands, call Amsterdam Elektricien on 97010286182 for an experienced electrician for services or malfunctions in the field of electricity.


Amsterdam Elektricien helped me connect the power in my new unit. They arrived on time and had all the equipment required to connect my power. I will be using them again

Simon Black

After the power went out because of my toaster, Amsterdam Elektricien promptly came and helped me restore power. 

Mark Cane

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