Electricians in Arlington TX

Electricians in Arlington TX

Homeowners and commercial offices both require electrical services from time to time. Whenever you need to upgrade or repair your electrical wiring in commercial or residential spaces, we do it all at Scott electric. We are the best Arlington electricians you can contact to help you out. Our expert technicians have years of experience and are ready to serve you to satisfaction. We do everything from solar panel installation to setting up power in your swimming pool. So, if you’re looking for premier electricians in Arlington TX, we are here for you.

The Difference Between Our Commercial Electrical Services and Our Residential Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services share many similarities to residential electrical services. However, some services are specific to one and not the other. Below are a few ways that our commercial and residential electrical services compare.

The Scale of Wiring

Residential properties only require electrical services for a single-family. The home plans and installation are not as time-consuming as in commercial. Contrarily, the scale of wiring is much larger in commercial spaces. Commercial offices require heavy equipment that need to be heavily wired to bring power to an entire space. The plans are often extensive and take much time for the work to be done well. It is, therefore, more expensive when looking for commercial electrical installers in Arlington than residential electrical services. At Scott Electric, we offer exceptional services at affordable rates for both commercial and residential properties.

Extra Protection

Unlike in residential electrical wiring, commercial wiring requires extra coating to protect the wires. Offices have considerable more traffic with people coming and going, and when wiring, you need to protect the wires and people. Tube-like conduits are used for protection and to ease their use because commercial spaces change locations more often. Commercial electrical wiring may also need to be coated with nylon or treated to withstand heat and chemicals in areas like industries.

The Difference in the Setup    

A commercial building will require a three-phase system setup for electrical wiring. This is two small wires that conduct 120 volts each and a slightly wider wire that conducts 208 volts. In contrast, only a single-phase electrical setup is enough to power a single house. Our technicians are conversant with these requirements and are the best electricians in Arlington.

The Load of Electricity

The amount of electricity needed in commercial and residential properties differ greatly. Commercial spaces need electricity for lighting, heating, machinery like generators for emergency power restoration, and appliances. It is, therefore, more power demanding. Commercial spaces require all these things on a larger scale compared to a single home. If you’re searching for unbeaten generator installation services in Arlington, TX, do not hesitate to call us at Scott Electric. We got you covered.

Expert Technicians at Your Service

When looking to contract an Arlington electrician whether, in a commercial or residential setting, it is crucial to hire professionals. That is our area of expertise. At Scott Electric, we have the finest electricians at your service. We guarantee you top of the line electricians in Arlington, TX with 100 percent satisfaction. Contact Scott Electric +1 817-490-9207 for a free inspection or quotation.

Electricians in Arlington TX

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Electricians in Arlington TX

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